Recently Catalogued Archives

Lambeth Palace Library staff have catalogued a range of archive material in recent months. Descriptions of this material are now available in the online archives catalogue. They include:

  • Over 1,100 speeches and addresses of Archbishop Carey, 1991-2002
  • Files of the Council on Foreign Relations relating to the Religious Affairs Branch of the British Army of the Rhine, 1946-1950
  • Letters of H E J Bevan, Archdeacon of Middlesex, 1900-1928, on subjects including the Round Table Conference on ritual of 1900
  • Notes by Andrew Coltée Ducarel (Lambeth Librarian from 1757) relating to marriage licensing, 1754
  • Letters of the clergyman Roger Dalison from his tour round the world in 1902-3, which included Australia, New Zealand and the USA
  • A humorous volume compiled by E F Benson (son of the Archbishop) and his friend Philip Burne-Jones supposedly pertaining to the activities of Lord Desborough, c.1908

Our colleagues at at the Church of England Record Centre (CERC) have recently catalogued the archive of the Church of England Advisory Board for Moral Welfare Work and its predecessor bodies.  The archive comprises the papers of the variously named advisory boards concerned with questions of moral welfare, specifically those affecting Christian standards of sexual morality, 1915-1948.

You can search for all the archives mentioned here on our online archives catalogue
For details on accessing the Library, see our website: and for access to CERC please see

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