Library Records Project 4

Dr Richard Palmer reports the final phase of cataloguing in the project to produce new online descriptions of the early catalogues of Lambeth Palace Library. This section of work has tracked the career at Lambeth of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Librarian from 1757 to 1785.

As well as recording the vast array of indexes through which Ducarel opened up the archival collections at Lambeth (including his indexes, in 67 volumes, to the Archbishop’ registers) the project highlighted his major cataloguing achievements. These included a catalogue of the Secker bequest of printed books (for which Ducarel installed new shelving and new shelf marks), a continuation of the Library’s catalogue of manuscripts, and catalogues of the multitude of printed pamphlets which had ‘lain undigested in the MS library ever since the Restoration’.

Ducarel’s index to the Archbishops’ registers (LR/F/62/2 pp. 676-7)

Through Ducarel’s reports to successive Archbishops, and from a shelf list, a detailed account emerged of the extent of the Library (18,607 printed books in 1769) and of their precise distribution on the ‘outer or folio shelves’ and on the ‘inner shelves’ around the sides of the cloister.

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