June update from the Library and Record Centre

Lambeth Palace Library and the Church of England Record Centre regularly embark on new projects and acquire and catalogue new material, from rare books and manuscripts to modern publications.  Every two months, we will be posting here a brief update on some of our latest acquisitions, projects and upcoming events, to keep you up-to-date with our most recent news.

Our latest modern accessions

Some highlights from our most recent acquisitions include:

Victorian Parson
The Victorian parson, by Barry Turner (H5175.T8)

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Thomas Cromwell
Engraved portrait of Thomas Cromwell (Prints 009/009)

Upcoming events

Annual General Meeting of the Church of England Record Society. Followed by a talk by Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch: ‘The Early Career of Thomas Cromwell’.  Monday 4th July, 4pm-6.30pm

Those wishing to attend should send their names in advance to Juliette Boyd, Lambeth Palace Library, juliette.boyd@churchofengland.org or 020 7898 1400, no later than Friday 1 July.  Admittance is not before 3.45 pm, via the main gatehouse of Lambeth Palace.


Recently catalogued in the Sion Collection

Highlights among the material recently catalogued from the Sion College Collection (now held at Lambeth Palace Library) include:

One of 80 fine hand-coloured engraved plates from B99/1M57
  1. Meyrick, Samuel Rush. A critical inquiry into antient armour, as it existed in Europe, particularly in England from the Norman conquest to the reign of King Charles II. London: Dowding, 1830? [B99/1M57]. This three volume set is an important and sumptuous work on the history of armour and weapons, illustrated with 80 engraved plates which have been hand-coloured and illuminated with gold.
  2. Greaves, John. Pyramidographia: or A description of the pyramids in Aegypt, 1646 [B95.4/G79 01]. In 1646, John Greaves, a professor of astronomy at Oxford University, provided the first accurate elevation section of the Great Pyramid. In Pyramidographia, he correctly concluded that the Pyramid was the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu.
  3. Porta, Giambattista della. Magiae naturalis, siue De miraculis rerum naturalium libri IIII. Antwerp: C. Plantin, 1561. [C60.4/P83]. Magia naturalis (“Natural magic”) is a work of popular science by Giambattista della Porta first published in Naples in 1558. Included are observations upon geology, optics, medicines, poisons, cosmetics, metallurgy, magnetism, gunpowder and invisible writing.

News from the Archives

Library and Record Centre image catalogue

The papers of Susan Varah, Central President of the Mothers’ Union 1970-76, have been catalogued (MU/MSS/2/14), complementing the archive of the MU held here in the Library. Work has begun to catalogue the papers of Michael Harper (1931-2010), a seminal figure in the charismatic movement within the Anglican church. The Friends of Lambeth Palace Library have purchased for the collection a volume of photographs of Bishops and other clergy dating from the 1860s, in an attractive decorated binding (MS 5077). Work to re-catalogue the Library’s historic records continues. For more information on these collections please see the online archives catalogue.

ICBS 4298
ICBS plan for Castle Combe Church (ICBS 4298)

We are pleased to announce the online launch of the Library/Record Centre image catalogue, LUNA. This provides access to some 22,800 items selected from the collections, including images within the Incorporated Church Building Society archive previously available via the Church Plans Online website.

Material from the Library continues to feature in the press and in publications. An early printed book with concealed annotations was featured on the Radio 4 news (starting at about 27 minutes 30 seconds) and in The Times. The papers of Anthony Bacon, secretary to Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, are quoted extensively in a new publication Male Friendship and Testimonies of Love in Shakespeare’s England.

Church of England Record Centre update

CERC shelvesThe archive of the Council for the Care of Churches (CARE) has been fully catalogued and can be searched via the online catalogue.

The following collections are currently being catalogued:

  • Advisory Council for the Church’s Ministry
  • Council for Women’s Ministry in the Church
  • Papers of the Secretary to the Church Commissioners
  • Hospital Chaplaincies Council papers
  • Church Information Office papers
  • Westminster Chapter Manor Court records

A project to catalogue and digitise the archive of Canon Basil Clarke, recently transferred from CCB library, has also started.

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MS 3561
A beautiful illustration of Saint Barbara, alongside a prayer to her, contained within MS 3561, a 16th-century Book of Hours

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