Court of Arches project

In January 2017 a project (funded by the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library) was begun to catalogue documents in the archive of the Court of Arches, the court of appeal of the Province of Canterbury, which are missing from the index published in 1965. The project focuses on class E: libels, articles, allegations and interrogatories.

During the first seven days 113 documents were catalogued (55 membranes, 75 paper leaves). The documents range in date from 1662 to 1681. They relate to over 100 separate cases before the Court and reflect the range of its concerns (marriage, divorce, testamentary suits, defamation, clergy morals and conduct, dilapidations etc).  Included are documents in two suits relating to Archbishops of Canterbury: Porey v Juxon (legacy of Archbishop Juxon) and Canterbury v Sheldon (legacy of Archbishop Sheldon).

British (English) School; William Juxon (1582-1663), Bishop of London
Archbishop Juxon (d. 1663)



van Dyck, Anthony, 1599-1641; Gilbert Sheldon (1598-1677), Archbishop of Canterbury
Archbishop Sheldon (d. 1677)

Libels, articles and allegations set out the core points at issue in each case and in many instances the newly catalogued documents are crucial to understanding the case as a whole.

A list of the newly catalogued documents is being compiled for the benefit of scholars to alert them to the new sources now available.

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